adjective pri·ma·ry \ˈprī-ˌmer-ē, ˈprī-mə-rē, ˈprīm-rē\

: most important, most essential, happening or coming first

Primary Leadership Development has spent decades serving corporate, competitive, combat, and educational organizations. They have been on the front lines of successful leadership and team growth by blending science with practical day-to-day application of insights. It is their mission to support the leaders of today and educate the leaders of tomorrow.


Pillars of Primary Performance

Primary Evidence...

Anecdotes and popular press share inspiring ideas about leadership, however, understanding of raw data and critically reviewed leadership science leads to impactful organizational change. Understanding up-to-date, scientific examinations of efficacious leadership allows for evidence-based consultations that maximize organizational successes.

Primary Relationships...

Time taken to listen to organizational stakeholders and efforts to collaborate with, rather than preach to, allows deep roots to be sunk for sustainable organizational growth. Appreciating that every organization is unique, clarity of values and goals that transcend the "product", drive consultations that cultivate institutional roots.

Primary Science...

Doing the "dirty work" of scientifically examining what makes great leaders, leads to cultures that support excellence, and yields insights into the nuances of high performance. Regular efforts at data collection, data analysis, and data translation, leads to the richest understanding of leadership principles and how they directly impact day-to-day striving and well-being within organizations.