2G Mentoring

You have likely heard the term "mentoring" before. Whether it be in the boardroom, on the playing field, or in the classroom - at some point in your life you have probably been a mentor or mentee.

Mentoring has become synonymous with a supportive relationship where information sharing is transferred between individuals. Within this relationship, it is important to appreciate the two Gs that lead to success: gather and give.

Gathering allows one to bring out the best in another through asking informative questions while being an active listener.  This process demands a commitment to working with and learning about an individual for the purpose of growth. It is only through thoughtful gathering that one can then decide on how to give back the appropriate information through education, counsel or guidance. Giving demands a willingness to actively engage in working with and educating others through domain relevant experience and guidance.

The concept of asking (gathering) before telling (giving) has the ability to build trust, mutual support, and lasting avenues for communication – true keys to a mentoring relationship.  While empowering your mentee, or being empowered by your mentor, the relationship starts with a meaningful exchange of information. How will you listen so you can support and teach most effectively?