Primary Leadership Development has spent decades serving corporate, competitive, combat, and educational organizations. From the science to the day-to-day application of successful leadership and team growth, they have been on the front lines. It is their mission to support the leaders of today and educate the leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. Adam Naylor

Dr. Naylor has spent over two decades working with leaders in a variety of domains and industries. In education, he has been a consultant to heads of school and trustees striving to develop diverse and character driven cultures of excellence. On the playing field, he has served leaders and athletes that have succeeded on the worlds biggest stages (of leadership note, Hockey East and NESCAC coaches of the year). Within public service, he has been a resource to Boston-based ROTC battalions and the Brookline Police department. In industry, he has worked with businesses small and large to reach their corporate culture goals and to counsel industry leaders through the successes and stresses of the day.

Adam is from a family with a long history of leadership and service. His father, Rev. Robert Naylor, is congregational minister who lead vibrant parishes for his entire career and is author of What Church Leaders Really Need to Know. His grandfather, Herbert Hoffman, was part of the 82nd airborne's paratrooper division that dropped behind enemy lines during the D-Day invasion. His other grandfather, Ray Naylor, was a corporate leader in Philadelphia who was committed to civil rights efforts. Dr. Naylor lives by the beach with his wife and daughter.

Dr. Naylor received his bachelors degree in psychology at Trinity College (CT) and his masters and doctoral degrees in counseling psychology at Boston University.

Dr. Ira Martin

Dr. Ira Martin has devoted the last decade to studying the art and science of leadership, and has a multitude of experiences developing leadership acumen within organizations. In the academic environment, he served four years as the United States Coast Guard Academy's, Leader In Residence, working across academic and professional military domains as a researcher, consultant, and educator. In the athletic environment, he has assisted athletic coaches and administrators in their leadership education in USA Ski and Snowboard, USA Hockey, and the Institute for Rowing Leadership. Within corporate environments, he has been a resource to large and small businesses (from NY Life Insurance Company to Goodrich Residential) as they strive towards human resource and bottom-line markers.

Ira is from a family of entrepreneurs with eight immediate family members owning their own businesses, including his father since the late 70's. His grandfather Dana W. Hull was a decorated military leader, as a Naval submarine Commander stationed out of Pearl Harbor during World War II. His great-grandfather, and namesake, Ira B. Hull, MD, was Glocester, MA's town doctor during the early 20th century and later became physician for the University of New Hampshire.

Dr. Martin received his bachelor's degree in psychology at Suffolk University and his masters and doctoral degrees in counseling psychology at Boston University. He is a Certified Executive Coach through the Institute for Performance Excellence Coaching.

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